"Ditch the Drive-Thru!": Successful Weight Loss for Real Life (Paperback)

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Think healthy food costs too much? Too tired at the end of the day to think about dinner? Think the drive-thru is your best option tonight? Think again As a busy Mom, I know how it feels to be overworked, over-tired, over-stressed, overweight, and overwhelmed The last thing I want to think about at the end of a long day is having to make dinner, but I've learned that it is possible to make a delicious, nutritious meal in less time (and for less money) than the drive-thru. When you're done reading this book, you can be doing it too Skip the fast food... do FRESH food, FAST The choice is yours. The time is now For yourself, for your wallet, for your waistline, and especially for your children... It's time to "Ditch the Drive-Thru

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ISBN: 9781497567627
ISBN-10: 1497567629
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: April 5th, 2014
Pages: 154
Language: English