Free Will Examined: The Case Against Free Will & The Case For Determinism (Paperback)

Free Will Examined: The Case Against Free Will & The Case For Determinism By Kip Koehler Cover Image
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Nearly everyone believes strongly in the concept of free will. It seems natural that when we decide to do or say something, we are acting out of our own particular knowledge and interests, and making choices. What could be more reasonable than that? The answer is: everything else in the universe. Just because we have come to a conclusion that it must be the case, does not make it so. Understanding this counter-intuitive concept of free will takes a deep insight into human nature, and how that came about. For years we did not believe that the animals, sea creatures, and certainly not insects, were able to think. They were looked upon as interesting, but instinct driven. Maybe they could appear to learn new tricks, but that was dismissed and not deemed to be a human-like thought process. Today we now believe that the upper level species can and do make choices, and must therefore be able to think and exhibit free will... or do they?

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Kip Koehler Kip, though retired, is still an active author, construction consultant, and computer systems engineer. He and his wife Cheri, moved to Prescott AZ in 2002 where they built their custom home. Its highly creative design was subsequently highlighted in the local paper. The home's most unusual features are its "wine cave" and a "New Orleans" rooms. While they both love Prescott and their new friends, they do miss the California ocean, and try to return regularly for a seaside fix. As Cheri puts it: "There is no ocean in Arizona." Kip's computer background dates back to working for IBM in the late 60's. He purchased one of the first PCs off of the production line about 1980, and has been addicted to them ever since. Eventually as a consultant he developed financial software for IBM's clients and then for national sales. Fortunately for Cheri today, he can fix her computer problems rather quickly. Cooking has been a long standing interest with Kip, as reflected in his wide variety of cookbooks. Being somewhat unwilling to do excess work, they mirror that disposition in recipes that focus on easy cooking and clean-up. Another of Kip's interests is the nature of nature, both scientific and metaphysical. This curiosity is reflected in several of the book offerings. The books and booklets can be purchased for Kindle(TM) and Nook(TM) readers at and other sites. The 6x9 inch paperback format of the books are available at If you are interested in hiring a freelance writer or editor, I am available by the job or $35 per hour. By the job is $1 per word for a well-defined project. Editing is $.10 per word in Word format.

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