"Average JOE"- Simple, easy nutrition and exercise plan for you to take with you along life's journey. (Paperback)

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Average Joe will assist all men in balancing their life Your health should always come first, however life will often pile on you with many responsibilities and challenges which will take time away from focusing on you and your health. Average Joe will help the average man to take care of himself throughout the lifecycle. This is accomplished by focusing on the basics of what it takes to have optimal health through the lifecycle. The areas covered: physical health (workouts), injuries, nutrition, supplementation, rest and recovery, health screening and testing and a host of other areas that will lend you to take on life with creating balance between your health and the rigors of life. Average Joe breaks down to the basic building blocks that you will need each and every decade of life to move forward; knowing that you have established a solid foundation of health and created balance in life. Use this book as a reference and a constant reminder to yourself to assist in enabling balance in YOUR life. The earlier you pick this book up in life the better you can be prepared. Take this life and live it to the fullest in creating the best health that you can in a simplified plan created in "Average Joe." Live this life and remember not to let it live you.

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ISBN: 9781490917559
ISBN-10: 1490917551
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: July 8th, 2013
Pages: 126
Language: English