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Generations after the creation of Adam and Eve, but two thousand years before the birth of Christ, they had a humble great grandson - named Enoch - the seventh great grandson to be exact. Enoch was slow of speech, ridiculed by others, and despite his inadequacies, he was foreordained to be a prophet of the Lord. Through the process of time, Christ transformed Enoch into one of the greatest seers and prophets God had ever forged (Moses 7:21). As Enoch was led and purified, he saw things not visible to the natural eye (Moses 6:36). He went forth, stood upon the hills and the high places, and cried with a loud voice to testify against men's wicked works, such that "all men were offended because of him" (Moses 6:36-37). Christ led Enoch to gather and purify His chosen people until He finally joined them. The City of Enoch became so righteous God raised it into the air until it was taken up into Heaven - as Zion - the pure in heart (D&C 92:21). The remnant left behind (Moses 7:22) were not forgotten by the Lord (Ether 13:6-8). They were assured that Christ would continue to gather up His people throughout the generations, reawaken them to who they really are, and lift up the righteous to Zion. In this manner, God would gather home souls until the last day, when Zion would return at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. We are promised in the last days, when Zion breaks forth from above, Zion will also rise from beneath - purified and separated from the decaying world around it - elevated and lifted up to meet Enoch's Zion triumphant in the air (D&C 84:100). Then all of the Lord's family, so long separated - finally together - will fall on each other's necks, weep, kiss each other, rejoice and sing the new song of Zion (Moses 7: 60-64). We are in the last days. Babylon and nature continue to rage in greater commotion than ever before. Pandemics, wars, fear, disease, addiction, and disaster plague us. Hearts are failing. Darkness is swelling, and the roar of evil and hate is becoming more deafening than a global hurricane. And, Christ is keeping His covenant promise and "His hand is stretched out still" (Isaiah 9) to lift us up back home. Just like He did with the Enoch, and Zion anciently, the Lord is calling each of us to join and prepare Zion, today. Christ is leading His prophet and prophets to purify individuals, to purify a people - who will purify a world - for Zion to rise. This is the Earth's divine destiny-- and it can be our destiny too, as we awaken to our true selves, in Christ. As I have heard His voice calling through the final raging storm, I know you can too. We can all find shelter in Him. The Restoration, prophesied of old, is not only global, but individual. As He continues to restore His church, He is also restoring His people. Even now, He is working to restore each of us and help us find our individual, crucial divine purposes. For Christ is calling... and Zion is rising.

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Publication Date: May 10th, 2022
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