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Everfound (Compact Disc)

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As Mary Hightower slumbers in a glass coffin waiting to be reborn back into Everlost, her allies and henchmen begin to carry out her terrible mission. Mary's army is joined by a newcomer: Jix, a spy for the Mayan King of Everlost. A furjacker who skinjacks great cats, Jix has his own agenda.

Meanwhile, Mikey McGill desperately tries to rescue Allie the Outcast. At his side is Nick the Chocolate Ogre, who has become pure chocolate and hardly remembers himself at all. Mikey encounters a creature that scares even the mighty McGill: a scar wraith, whose touch can extinguish an Afterlight forever.

It becomes clear that the outcome will determine not just the fate of Everlost, but the fate of the living world as well.

Critically acclaimed author Neal Shusterman brings to a close the trilogy that Kirkus Reviews called beautiful and imaginative with this stunning final volume.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781455895106
ISBN-10: 1455895105
Publisher: Brilliance Corporation
Publication Date: May 1st, 2012
Language: English
Series: Skinjacker Trilogy (Audio)