The Signs That God Speaks And, the Mysteries of the Universe (Paperback)

The Signs That God Speaks And, the Mysteries of the Universe Cover Image
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Prophetic Visions and, Bibical Prophecy We all become aware of many things of this world. We are brought forth to act out as true Christians but, we fall in between evilness and, shame. Prophecy is a system of a true meaning of serving God to the fullest. When we ignore all things of God we are not wanting to be a part of his true existence. This tells us we must pay attention on how we live our lives. I've had many visions of the spiritual world that has allowed me to become a better judgement of character and, a true meaning of my life. The Bibical days were brought forth to us to be aware and, in tune to the many obstacles that God has brought forth. My visions of the prophet times have been so real to me to understand that what we become is what we shall recieve. Let's begin by paying attention to all of the signs that God is putting right in front of us. My words of truth have made me who I'am today. Let's be open to all the good things in life and, we shall go a long way.

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ISBN: 9781450253239
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Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: September 22nd, 2010
Pages: 64
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