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The reemergence of China as an economic superpower during its systemic transition away from socialism is an astonishing phenomenon. In China and Post-Socialist Development, Andrzej Bolesta offers the first comprehensive study to frame China’s advancements within the context of the East Asian developmental miracle.

Setting China’s advancements against the background of post-socialist transformation, he asks how this phenomenon occurred and where China goes from here. As China transitions from central planning to a market economy, it imitates the institutions and policies of Japan and South Korea during their high growth periods of the second half of the twentieth century. China’s approach—while broadly in opposition to the neoliberal doctrine—has brought impressive results, and, as Bolesta argues, has profound implications for the nation’s future.

About the Author

Andrzej Bolesta is a scholar and a diplomat educated at the University of Oxford and London School of Economics and Political Science. He has lived in East Asia for the last eight years, most of this time in Beijing, China, working for the Polish Embassy.

Praise For…

“Bolesta has set up a pioneering trend. . . . A must read for everyone interested in China and post-socialist states.”
— Indrani Lahiri, De Montfort University

“This book presents new innovations and insights about China and for [this] reason its study is recommended to those interested in the field of economic development.”
— Europe-Asia Studies

“The author’s painstaking work in discussing a wide variety of issues spanning more than sixty years and looking across the globe deserves praise, and attention to this volume.”
— Avinash Godbole

"The book provides a convincing analysis on China’s success story from the lens of the developmental state and post-socialist transformation. This is a welcome read for anyone who is interested in economic development and transition in China as well as in the world."
— Justin Yifu Lin

"China moves at such a fast pace that it leaves most commentators struggling to catch up. Fortunately, Bolesta has written a book that tells us where China has been and, critically, where it might go next. An indispensable guide to China's journey."
— Tony Addison

“A work of astonishing range that integrates the developmental state literature with the literature on the transition from socialism. Covering the essential points and bringing personal insights with great subtlety, Bolesta integrates the experiences of a range of transition economies, including China and Poland, so often seen as polar opposites.”
— Barry Naughton

“A thoughtful and readable contribution to the debate about the extent to which the developmental state model has contributed to China’s economic success, providing a provocative and intriguing argument that China should be a model for other post-socialist states.”
— Richard Stubbs

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