Federalism in Canada: Contested Concepts and Uneasy Balances (Paperback)

Federalism in Canada: Contested Concepts and Uneasy Balances By Thomas O. Hueglin Cover Image
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Federalism in Canada tells the turbulent story of shared sovereignty and divided governance from Confederation to the present time with three main objectives in mind. The first objective is to convince readers that federalism is the primary animating force in Canadian politics, and that it is therefore worth engaging with its complex nature and dynamic. The second objective is to bring into closer focus the contested concepts about the meaning and operation of federalism that are at the root of the divide between English Canada and Quebec in particular. The third objective is to give recognition to the trajectory of Canada's Indigenous peoples in the context of Canadian federalism, from years of abusive neglect to belated efforts of inclusion. The book focuses on the constitution with its ambiguous allocation of divided powers, the pivotal role of the courts in balancing these powers, and the political leaders whose interactions oscillate between intergovernmental conflict and cooperation. This focus on executive leadership and judicial supervision is framed by considerations of Canada's regionalized political economy and cultural diversity, giving students a compelling and nuanced view of federalism in Canada.

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ISBN: 9781442636453
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Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Publication Date: April 9th, 2021
Pages: 384
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