A Place for the Woman: Second Edition (Paperback)

A Place for the Woman: Second Edition By Chipo Mudere Cover Image
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'A Place for the woman', is quite an inspiring book in which Chipo tries to define the identity of a woman and how the woman should respect, value and carry herself. The book tries to define the responsibilities of a woman in the society- as a home-maker, as a mother to her children, her service and responsibility as a wife to her husband, her place as a worker with colleagues and her responsibility and service to the church as a child of God. The woman's responsibility is not to fight with the man, but with wisdom, she should complement and be compatible with him. The woman does not need to be out of her head and shout for equality with the man. In any case all men are created to be complementary, not to be equals.

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ISBN: 9781438948850
ISBN-10: 1438948859
Publisher: Authorhouse UK
Publication Date: May 20th, 2009
Pages: 84
Language: English