'He Belonged to Us' (Paperback)

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'He Belonged to Us' (Paperback)


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'Underage Drinking' is in epidemic proportions across this
Country. 'Binge Underage Drinking is highly prevalent on College campuses. My
Book is written about this subject; and those 'of age'; who are only too willing
to provide.
I moved my young Son at the age of twelve to a Northwoods area
of Northern Michigan. We moved to this area; to escape from an environment where
alcohol and getting drunk was accepted as the 'norm.'

Believing, I had made the 'right decision' we began our new
lives in this area I raised My Son to be a' success' in life
My Son excelled at everything 'he touched' and indeed he was
I am qualified to write this book. I have always heard' write
what you know., This is the story of my years; raising My Son in Northern Michigan
and the sad, painful outcome of my decision to raise My Son in this area.
I took my young son away from an environment of alcohol and
its acceptance.
If only I would have known; the area we moved into would take
My Son away from me. In this area; alcohol was more accepted as the 'norm' than
the area we had left behind
Product Details ISBN: 9781403381361
ISBN-10: 1403381364
Publisher: 1st Book Library
Publication Date: November 28th, 2002
Pages: 328
Language: English