A Book of Simple Prayers (Paperback)

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My name is Ginney Behn. I am a Prayer Writer chosen by God to be a channel to share his words and messages with people everywhere. Words sent down from heaven and written with this hand, given to all people so that they may understand. The piece below is my gift to everyone

Pick a Prayer

Welling up in my unchained heart are words of prayer that burst apart.

Words jumping out all over the place and finding the paper with just the right space.

Everyone has struggles you see, this is just one way that allows you to be.

Reading these prayers and feeling their power, gives you strength at any hour.

Some make you laugh and some make you cry, but all of them turn your eyes to the sky.

God in his heaven so far above, sending you prayers as a sign of his love

Read them and say them every day. You'll always know that he'll show you the way

After each day as you lie down to rest, you'll be happy and ready to finish your quest

Pick a prayer meant just for you It will guide you in your daily life anew.

Read it and feel it inside your heart, knowing that with God it's just the start.

It's the life that he's designed especially for you, just read it and wait for your very own cue.

Take it and say it and go on your way

Knowing you'll have a wonderful day


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ISBN: 9781098042080
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Publication Date: July 20th, 2020
Pages: 36
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