45 Days Skin Challenge: Take 45 Days Skin Challenge and Feel the difference (Paperback)

45 Days Skin Challenge: Take 45 Days Skin Challenge and Feel the difference By Meenakshi Khatri Cover Image
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In today's modern life where our life is full of pollution, it is tough to keep our skin healthy. When we go outside, our skin is attacked by many things like ultra violet rays, dust or pollution. Our life is like we have to survive for living. And we all has to go outside and we can't stop it to go outside. We have business, service, school, college etc. But how we can care about our skin in all these. When we came home from outside then the dust particles remain on our skin and it blocks our skin pores. When our skin breathes, it does not get enough oxygen because our body does not breathe only from nose or mouth. Our complete skin pores breathe. And when there is a lack of oxygen in our skin, our skin gets wrinkles and our skin looses its glow. People are so cautious about their skin these days, they want to look beautiful and youthful but in order to get the skin healthy, they are using so much of chemicals on their skin. They use chemicals in every thing like face cream, face pack, face wash, soap, oil and many more. Everything is filled with so much of chemicals these days. But here you will get some excellent internal and external remedies to cure skin problems. All you need is to take 45 days skin challenge and feel the difference. You need to keep patience to see major difference in your skin. It can not be achieved in few days by natural remedies but you definitely will see in few weeks. So be patient and disciplined to get amazing skin.

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Publication Date: April 24th, 2019
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