French Verb Drills: Master the Most Common French verbs with no memorization! (Paperback)

French Verb Drills: Master the Most Common French verbs with no memorization! By Frederic Bibard Cover Image
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Master French verb conjugation without rote memorization and develop an instinct to select the right verb form without any hesitation, just like any native speaker.

Inside French Verb Drills Mega Bundle, you'll find:

  • Highly-effective audio-based repetition exercises that will help you grasp the conjugations of the most useful French verbs avoir, dire, tre, faire, finir, manger, pouvoir, savoir, venir, voir, vouloir, and manger without having to memorize anything.

  • Convenient 5-6-minute-long drills that will help build your reflexes in choosing the correct verb forms. Listen to the drills anytime and anywhere

  • An innovative approach to learning verb conjugation: By learning this way, you will cover 80% of the most common French verbs.

  • Over 16 hours of audio narrated by a native French speaker: Practice your pronunciation skills and expose your ears to authentic French as it is spoken today. You can download the audio at the end of the book.

  • Focus on the essentials: Tenses that are rarely used in actual speech such as pass simple and plus que parfait are not included in the drills to give you more time to prioritize the most important verb forms.

  • Grammar lessons on the different French tenses: Review the different verb tenses using simplified grammar lessons that will help you wrap up and connect the verb conjugation skills you acquire through the drills.

  • 80+ quizzes and written exercises: Challenge yourself by taking the short quizzes about the different verb tenses

Say goodbye to the difficulty of learning French verb conjugation the traditional way. With this book and its audio exercises, you can start mastering French tenses today

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