Sane Singing: A Guide to Vocal Progress (Paperback)

Sane Singing: A Guide to Vocal Progress By D. Brian Lee Cover Image
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If you are a singer or voice teacher looking for training options, you will soon discover that there are multitudes of people, products, and ideas out there claiming to be able to help you. How do you sort it out? How can you advocate for yourself in an increasingly crowded and confusing marketplace? How can you determine whether the training you are getting is upping your game?

Sane Singing will help you to:

  • evaluate voice training options
  • select a qualified teacher
  • build a team to support you
  • measure your own vocal progress
  • ask better questions
  • identify priorities in your vocal development
  • take care of your vocal, mental, and physical health

Sane Singing is here to help you apply calm, rational principles to the process of becoming a better singer. The way to your vocal potential is as unique as you are. Now is the time to go deeper into learning more about your path.

Sane Singing includes downloadable content and access to online media files that will help you to track your progress and take control of your vocal education.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780999777480
ISBN-10: 0999777483
Publisher: Better Baggage Publishing
Publication Date: June 1st, 2018
Pages: 202
Language: English