Ulme of the Alentejo (color) (Paperback)

Ulme of the Alentejo (color) By Taryn Dunton (Editor), Neil Ts Flanders (Illustrator), Steven Layne Cover Image
By Taryn Dunton (Editor), Neil Ts Flanders (Illustrator), Steven Layne
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Step into the world of high-performance sport horses. Be carried away by their beauty and athleticism, and delight in each horse's triumphs. Then, be ready to shed tears for their adversity, at the hands of man. From the Alentejo in Portugal, the young beautiful cavaleira, Anna Maria, searches across California to find her soul-mate, a Lusitano stallion named Ulme-sold to fight the bulls of the corrida. The star-crossed pair battle tragedy and fate to be reunited, meeting some extraordinary new friends along the way. Too young and over-faced, the young horse fails in the high-stakes battle with the bull. Abused, neglected and left alone. until fate intervenes with an 18 hand Dutch Warmblood named Noodles. A champion of the dressage arena, Noodles helps Ulme find his way back. Follow their inspiring story of hope and recovery.

About the Author

Ulme's tale, in this first book "Ulme of the Alentejo," might easily be a metaphor for my own life - as fairy tales do come true; however, the joys of living your dreams are often matched with the inescapable, lows. For me, I managed to escape gravity living and working in the cocoon - like world of jet fighters. Few other endeavors allow you to experience life's extremes. Then, all too briefly came the reality, finding your path once again on terra firma with its cavalcade of failures, success, and redemption. I had tremendous empathy for Ulme, as he found his idyllic life turned upside down. Forced to engage in a battle of agility and skill over a massive, determined fighting bull. The story eventuated into a six-stanza narrative poem recalling the fateful reunion of Ulme and his savvy cavaleira. The joy and harmony of their meeting had a dark side as Ulme's scars provided stark evidence of the ills imposed upon his life. I sensed a story in this real life horse that would resonate with many, if only symbolically. Then, fates joined, and Ulme found in Noodles, an 18 hand Dutch Warmblood, a best friend, and stable mate. Noodles found a voice and with his very compelling personality, began to narrate the story of Ulme from his early days in the Alentejo to his dramatic forays with the bulls and finally banishment into isolation. Balancing the magic of talking horses with the reality of their true nature had me frequently questioning the dialogue and storyline. As in all journeys, it is an imperfect process. I hope the result is entertaining and gives the reader a glimpse behind the curtain into the incredible world of sport horses.

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ISBN: 9780996934909
ISBN-10: 0996934901
Publisher: Noodles Tales
Publication Date: December 6th, 2015
Pages: 122
Language: English