Post-Traumatic Thriving: The Art, Science, & Stories of Resilience (Hardcover)

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Today we see crime, abuse, alcoholism, drugs, anger, and anxiety everywhere. Jails and prisons are crammed on an industrial scale. Recovery centers are packed with patients. Extreme political and religious groups regularly trap more members. Too many schools are simply factories for dropouts. All of this is the result of unresolved trauma. Ultimately, the quality of our lives depends on our ability to successfully process our heartbreaks and catastrophes. By college age, 66% to 85% of all people have been impacted by at least one traumatic experience. COVID has arguably traumatized everyone. In Post-Traumatic Thriving, we follow the journey from the depths of the initial shock to the pinnacle of ultimate healing and growth. This book interweaves advanced science with the stories of people who have not just survived, but used their trauma as the fuel to thrive: - A devoted wife and mother, Debbie discovers that her husband--who died of suicide--led a double life - Leo lost an eye and his hearing in two separate accidents - When only 17, JC was convicted of murder and sent to San Quentin prison for life - Ron, a gifted athlete whose dreams of Olympic glory were dashed - Susan, whose luxury home was demolished by a landslide - John was living an idyllic island life when his daughter was killed by nuclear fallout - Erica was a young Hungarian girl whose life was brutalized by the Nazis - Tonya's sister--her sweet, caring, innocent sister--was horrifically murdered - Born with cerebral palsy, Geri fought bullies and rampant discrimination - Joe longed for a relationship with his father, but the Mafia got to his father first - And finally, a little boy who learned that only open-heart surgery would save him - He is Dr. Randall Bell, the author of this book These people not only faced their trauma but thrived in remarkable ways. Post-Traumatic Thriving bridges the iconic work of Dr. K bler-Ross's five stages of grief and the pioneering work of Dr. Richard G. Tedeschi and Dr. Lawrence G. Calhoun involving trauma and growth. This is the ideal companion book for therapists and patients alike. When trauma hits, your most significant decision will be to dive, survive, or thrive. If you chose to thrive, this book is for you. The principles have the power to change the world. If that doesn't happen, at least they will change your world.

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ISBN: 9780996793179
ISBN-10: 0996793178
Publisher: Leadership Institute Press
Publication Date: January 1st, 2021
Pages: 365
Language: English