Rediscovering America: A 21st Century Journey (Paperback)

Rediscovering America: A 21st Century Journey Cover Image
By Brian Kahn, Aaron Parrett (Editor), Eric Heidle (Cover Design by)
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With Rediscovering America, Brian Kahn takes us on an extraordinary journey. Joining a crew of Russian journalists on their search for the soul of America, he learns much about his native land. As with his previous book, Real Common Sense, Kahn reminds us of the "the rich diversity, honor and heart of our people," and he seeks to connect us to our most profound values, the values of this nation's founders. Kahn's bracing travelogue, full of surprises and portents, offers a clear-eyed look at the conflicted reality in America's 21st century, but manages what might seem impossible in these dark times, to offer hope for an American "life more real, more deeply meaningful. . . ."

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ISBN: 9780996418355
ISBN-10: 0996418350
Publisher: Drumlummon Institute
Publication Date: September 10th, 2019
Pages: 298
Language: English