Kick the Dust (Paperback)

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'If I close my eyes, it's easier to hold onto a memory. When I open them, I think it might really be there in front of me.'

After three tours of duty in Afghanistan, Liam Andrews is home safe in Queensland. His weekly life drawing class, full of colourful local artists, helps him manage his post-traumatic stress disorder. But he's struggling to open up about a past that still haunts him.

Belourine 'Billy' is an Afghan refugee who lost everything before arriving in Australia as a child. She finds joy in her daily swims in the lake. After years of upheaval, she's still searching for a place to call home. But her past makes it hard to trust people.

When Liam and Billy meet, they form an instant connection. But will they ever overcome the past? And will it be together?

A moving story of love, loss and resilience from the author of Two Heartbeats.

'Rhonda is one talented Aussie author....'

When I read Rhonda's work, I think "authentic". There is no pretense. Just raw, honest and beautifully crafted characters and dialogue. The MadHatter Book Reviewer

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ISBN: 9780994535665
ISBN-10: 099453566X
Publisher: Valeena Press
Publication Date: November 10th, 2019
Pages: 308
Language: English