Breaking the HEC-RAS Code: A User's Guide to Automating HEC-RAS (Paperback)

Breaking the HEC-RAS Code: A User's Guide to Automating HEC-RAS By Gary Brunner (Foreword by), Christopher R. Goodell Cover Image
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One of the most powerful, yet relatively unknown features available in HEC-RAS is the HECRASController. The HECRASController API has a wealth of procedures which allow a programmer to manipulate HEC-RAS externally by setting input data, retrieving input or output data, and performing common functions such as opening and closing HEC-RAS, changing plans, running HEC-RAS, and plotting output. HECRASController applications are seemingly endless. Not only can the retrieval and post-processing of output be automated, but with the HECRASController, real-time modeling and probabilistic experiments like Monte Carlo are possible. If you have HEC-RAS on your computer, you already have the HECRASController "Breaking the HEC-RAS Code" explains how the HECRASController works, provides example applications of the HECRASController, and catalogs the vast array of programming procedures (with explanations and examples on how to use them) embedded in the HECRASController. This is a "must-have" book for all HEC-RAS users. Professionals: Give yourself an edge for the next proposal and do something groundbreaking with HEC-RAS. Students: Make yourself marketable by adding the skills offered in this book.

About the Author

Christopher Goodell is the Director of Applied Research for WEST Consultants, Inc. He is a licensed professional engineer and a Diplomate of Water Resources Engineering with the American Academy of Water Resources Engineers. He spent over two years at the Hydrologic Engineering Center working on the development of HEC-RAS and has been teaching HEC-RAS to professionals since 2001. Mr. Goodell regularly gives lectures and presentations on HEC-RAS and is the author of The RAS Solution, an online help site dedicated to HEC-RAS. He resides in Portland, Oregon with his wife and three daughters.

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