What's Below Your Tummy Tum?: Empowering kids to have a voice in their own safety! (Paperback)

What's Below Your Tummy Tum?: Empowering kids to have a voice in their own safety! By Jerry Craft (Illustrator), Michelle R. Britto Cover Image
By Jerry Craft (Illustrator), Michelle R. Britto
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Meet Lotus and Nesh, two children who, with the help of their guides Li'l Lotus and Li'l Neshi, learn about their private areas and how to keep them safe. This book was written by a social worker to teach and empower kids to protect themselves from people and situations that may cause them harm.

About the Author

Michelle Britto is a Licensed Social Worker, with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology; a Masters Degree in Social Work; a Degree in Occupational Studies (the Body functions); and has a License in Massage Therapy. In her heart, she has always desired to be of service to humanity - especially working with children and adolescents. This has led her to work in areas such as Preventive Services, Foster-Care, utilizing alternative methods in Special Education, and her current position in the NYC Department of Education. She has worked privately with both adults and children, and in healing centers throughout New York City. Her experience in adolescent and pediatric psychiatric facilities is what led her to explore a deeper understanding of the whole child. This allowed her to utilize the concept of how the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit are beneficial when working with children. Michelle's degree in Occupational Studies (Massage Therapy) came as a result of the many stories of trauma and abuse that she heard as a counselor. Trauma which eventually manifested into physical ailments. Michelle is a mother of 5 children who all came into her life as unique gifts. She is originally from Brooklyln and now resides in Queens. Visit her on the web at: http: //www.inlightenmebooks.com/

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ISBN: 9780988421813
ISBN-10: 098842181X
Publisher: Inlightenmebooks
Publication Date: April 14th, 2013
Pages: 34
Language: English