Gimme Shelter: A Life of Public Service in New York City (paperback) (Paperback)

Gimme Shelter: A Life of Public Service in New York City (paperback) By Bonnie Stone Cover Image
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Now and then, there really is good government. Bonnie Stone spent 40 years in New York City-and social services-oriented not-for-profits. She doggedly and ingeniously tackled some of New York's most urgent issues, particularly chronic homelessness. Undaunted, Stone negotiated choppy waters, working with the expert, the difficult, the skeptical, the next-to-impossible, the determined, and the inspired.

Gimme Shelter has a cast of characters as colorful and varied as the city itself. There are big stories of apparently insurmountable odds, surmounted-and smaller stories of people who with dedicated help were able to beat terrible odds. At a time when government is viewed as ineffective or even as a saboteur of people's best interests, Gimme Shelter reveals how the men and women who work for the City of New York can bring positive change to the lives of its citizens.

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ISBN: 9780988267558
ISBN-10: 0988267551
Publisher: Brooklyn River Press
Publication Date: March 9th, 2022
Pages: 148
Language: English