"Willingness to heal is the prerequisite for all healing": Best Practices in Healing 300 level material (Paperback)

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NOTE This booklet assumes familiarity with self-muscle-testing or dowsing of some kind. Willingness is only half a topic, one end of a see-saw or teeter-totter. The other end is reactivity, over- under-reactiveness. Just like on a see-saw or teeter-totter, as either reactivity or willingness goes up-the other goes down. Most of us are "reacting too rapidly to life," (John-Roger), reacting too much to the Outer Game of Life, out of balance with our Inner Game of Life, our values, boundaries, replenishment. This book suggests why wrangling and reducing excess reactivity, is a great benefit and the first order of business in personal-spiritual growth. What do infants have? Willingness. When we are born, A happy new baby's behavior is primarily willingness, not "will," not "willfulness," not "will power." Willingness is healthy expression of "will." Healthy babies exhibit willingness. This is what we try to get back to as adults on our paths of personal-spiritual growing: healthy willingness. The general lack of language for the two-thirds of our psyche that is sub- and unconscious, is a big challenge in Energy Medicine. This booklet offers new language, so readers can gain insight into more of their own psyche. Willingness to heal necessarily precedes actual healing. It can be measured with self-muscle-testing; low numbers can be raised. Pick a concern you wish to heal on, measure your own willingness to heal on a simple scale of 1-10; use your Energy Medicine method of choice to moderate and release blocks and obstacles. A step-wise method is presented for this. Holistic counselors and practitioners in all fields are encouraged to estimate with the client, AHEAD OF TIME, before beginning a session, the willingness to heal present. If this is low, make it a topic for discussion. Find full discussion of the whys and hows of doing this appropriately, getting the inner child of your client aligned with the client's conscious-waking self. Willingness may be invisible but it is still HIGHLY conditioned. Like "personality" and "relationships," "willingness" has many familiar conditions easy to grasp, determiners and antecedents that can be discussed, measured, known, worked with. "Willingness to heal is the pre-requisite for all healing" This quote from Bertrand Babinet begins an exploration of: - Willingness to change - Willingness to serve - Willingness to love - Willingness to live. Willingness to heal is a key to aligning and integrating with the "bigger you," beyond our waking-conscious self, who lives isolated on a tiny island of awareness compared to the "bigger you" the bigger me" above and below in frequency.

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