Mr. Trivia Presents: The Crazy 80s: Test Your Memory of the Greatest Decade Ever (Paperback)

Mr. Trivia Presents: The Crazy 80s: Test Your Memory of the Greatest Decade Ever By Paul Kent Cover Image
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The 1980s were, like, totally awesome. . .

. . .so your 1980s quiz book should be, too

Test your memory of the greatest decade ever with Mr. Trivia Presents: The Crazy 80s.

These 300 questions-thirty multiple-choice quizzes of ten questions each-will take you back in time to the realm of Ronald Reagan, Rubik's Cubes, and Run-DMC. What do you recall of the music, advertisements, politics, video games, sports, TV, and movies of the 1980s? Feather your hair and find out here

Just a sample of what you'll find inside:

In The Clash's 1982 song "Rock the Casbah," where were the king's jet fighters to drop their bombs?

a) on those darned Republicans

b) around the power plant

c) upon the infidels

d) between the minarets

What did TV detective Remington Steele often use to solve cases?

a) old movies

b) old songs

c) old books

d) Old Milwaukee

What American icon "vanished" in a 1983 TV special by illusionist David Copperfield?

a) Tom Selleck's mustache

b) the St. Louis Arch

c) the Statue of Liberty

d) Independence Hall

Answers, by the way, are D, A, and C. . .but maybe you already knew that. Mr. Trivia Presents: The Crazy 80s is jam-packed with nostalgic fun, questions that are challenging enough to be interesting but not so obscure as to be grody to the max. And each answer is accompanied by an additional fun fact to really jog your memories.

Perfect for 80s theme nights or just killing time, Mr. Trivia Presents: The Crazy 80s is your own personal ride in Doc Brown's DeLorean.

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