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Of Plymouth Plantation (Hardcover)

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Of Plymouth Plantation is the firsthand account of the Pilgrims as told by William Bradford, Plymouth Colony's longstanding governor. In this magnificent work, Bradford relates the journey of the Separatists from Screwby, England to the shores of the New World and chronicles their first fifty years in America. Of Plymouth Plantation is the true story of 50 "average" people who changed the world because they shared a far-reaching vision for their families. Though the Pilgrims left England because of religious persecution, they actually left Holland to protect their children from ungodly influences. These parents risked everything to protect their young. William Bradford boldly proclaimed that these families were willing to sacrifice their lives, if necessary, "even though they would be but stepping stones" for future generations of Christians they would never meet. One cannot truly appreciate the significance of Thanksgiving without understanding the history found within the pages of this monumental work. The heroic story of Bradford and the Pilgrims is one that every family should read and treasure.

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ISBN: 9780966523331
Publisher: Vision Forum
Publication Date: October 1st, 2003
Pages: 353