Urban Working Women in Formal Sector in Bangladesh (Paperback)

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Due to the increasing urbanisation process in Bangladesh, the work opportunities in the urban areas for women are increasing. In her own empirical study, the author attempts to find out women's changing position in the family and society after their participation in the earning activities. Firstly, this study shows that the reason of women's participation in the earning activities is to achieve economic growth with the hope of a better livelihood and to develop the standard of living. Secondly, this study examines the labour process of Bangladesh which is a developing country of the third world where women undertake paid-work only in some socially accepted traditional occupations in formal sectors. And, thirdly, it describes on the one hand the patriarchal family system and on the other hand the traditional cultural system in relation to religion and ideological norms and values in the society.

About the Author

The Author: Khaleda Akter Siddiqui, born in 1968, studied Bachelor and Master of Social Science in Anthropology at the University of Jahangir Nagar, Dhaka in Bangladesh. Pursued doctoral research at the University of Osnabrueck in Germany. Awarded for good academic performance as the best international student of the University of Osnabrueck from DAAD (German Academic Exchange Services) in 1997.

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