Just Do It: Political Participation in the 1990s (Hardcover)

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Today's enemy is tomorrow's ally. Today's policy becomes tomorrow's abandoned ship. Despite its many faults and shortcomings, the American political system provides more people with more open political choices every year than any other in the world. In this book the author documents the openness and responsiveness of the political culture. The book is a call to participation and a reflection of his own personal participation over the last 25 years. Potholm's stories, advice, and insights move well beyond party lines and prejudices; his discussion of the political structure is humorous and hopeful about the future of the country. Potholm serves as a mentor for the individual seeking an insider's post. Contents: Preface, "Living Well Is the Best Revenge"; Voters: Surprising Creatures?; Issues: Candidate Killers?; Candidates and Campaigns: Entering Politics for Fun and Profit; Polling: The Art and the Science; The Media: Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu; Ballot Measure Campaigns: The Wave of the Future; Epilogue: 1992 and Beyond.

About the Author

Christian P. Potholm is Professor of Government at Bowdoin College.

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ISBN: 9780819190963
ISBN-10: 0819190969
Publisher: University Press of America
Publication Date: July 7th, 1993
Pages: 176
Language: English