Down from the Mountain (Paperback)

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Eva wants to be a good disciple of Righteous Path. She grew up knowing that she's among the chosen few to be saved from Armageddon. Lately, though, being saved feels awfully treacherous. Ever since they moved to the compound in Colorado, their food supplies have dwindled while their leader, Ezekiel, has stockpiled weapons. The only money comes from the jewelry Eva makes and sells in town—a purpose she'll serve until she becomes one of Ezekiel's wives. But a college student named Trevor and the other "heathens" she meets on her trips beyond the compound are far different from what she's been led to believe. Now Eva doesn't know which is more dangerous—the outside world or Reverend Ezekiel's plans…

About the Author

Elizabeth Fixmer writes middle-grade and young adult fiction and is also a licensed clinical social worker. She has an MFA in writing from Hamline University. She lives in Wisconsin.

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ISBN: 9780807583722
ISBN-10: 0807583723
Publisher: AW Teen
Publication Date: March 1st, 2016
Pages: 288
Language: English