Nevin and the Desert Fairies (Paperback)

Nevin and the Desert Fairies By Eloise Sheldon Cover Image
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Meet a new kind of fairy-weirder and more fun than all the rest-the Rflackttt. They live under the desert in Nevada, and are a lot like humans, only they hate getting wet and have more teeth 13-year-old Nevin has to earn the right to live among them by riding Blue, a wild horse sacred to their clan, and retrieving a magic noose. The search can't end until the ride is won .... When Nevin first meets up with the wacky Rflackttt, she has no idea what to make of them. She'd come with her protector Cadfael, an ancient horse who is helping her unravel the secrets surrounding her mother's disappearance. But before she can begin her quest, she'll need to win the help-and friendship-of the Rflackttt, including the outrageously brazen warrior Elsapeth. Plus, she'll need to figure out her relationship with her Glimnkkk, the noose of magic Rflackttt hair she won in rescuing Blue. Nevin's adventures take her across the Rocky Mountain West. She matches wits with malicious outcasts and the creepy Noodj. And takes a bold and crazy bus trip to Montana with Elsapeth (disguised as a cowgirl tourist) to give two wild horses a second chance.

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ISBN: 9780692318683
ISBN-10: 0692318682
Publisher: Glimnkkk Press
Publication Date: November 21st, 2014
Pages: 412
Language: English