Mandurian Stories (Paperback)

Mandurian Stories By Xanthe Turner (Compiled by), Nanci Nott (Foreword by), Mandurah (Various Artists (VMI)) Cover Image
By Xanthe Turner (Compiled by), Nanci Nott (Foreword by), Mandurah (Various Artists (VMI))
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An anthology for Mandurah, by Mandurah, supported by Shape Mandurah.

Xanthe Turner began planning this anthology in 2018, inspired by her love of Mandurah, and the people who live here. Shape Mandurah breathed vital life into the project, and Mandurian Stories was born.

In an early call for submissions, Xanthe said:

"I want everyone in Mandurah, regardless of age or ability, to have an opportunity to express themselves."

Xanthe envisioned an anthology which would:

"... represent Mandurah as a whole, through snapshots of the individuals who live, work, and play in our beautiful city."

Xanthe shared her vision with our community, and our community shared back.

Mandurian writers, artists, and children collaborated to create a tangible

manifestation of the creative spirit of Mandurah.

The words and images in this book contain fragments of lives, facets of

experience, and aspects of unique understanding. The common thread, woven through each page, is a deep-seated appreciation for Mandurah itself.

Our collective love of this beautiful city binds us together like pages in a book.

We are all collaborators in the figurative anthology of life.

Every Mandurian deserves immense recognition for the time, passion, and effort involved in creating Mandurian Stories.


Dr. Louise Helfgott

Jo Gliddon-Baker

Annette Pesek

Julie Watts

Sarah Cole

Mary Ann Rath

Estuary Guardians Mandurah

Mandurah Dolphin Rescue Group

Michael Gorman

Kevin Lindsay Fowler Th. C. (Hons)

Mandurah Historical Society

Claire Cavanagh

Hannah O'Keefe

Karen Blake Rowe

Gail Willems

Nikky May

Maddy Mac

Caroline Julian

Isabella Robinson

Amelia Kathleen Willis

Chase Williams

River Williams

Isabel Cummins

Hailey Cummins

Bonnie Cunningham

Aaron Gwynaire

Nanci Nott

Azalia Turner

Xanthe Turner

Veronika Sajova Photography

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