A Beautiful Life, A Dream! (Paperback)

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A Beautiful Life, A Dream: The Road towards a Beautiful Life is book inspired by a true life story. With this book the author, Samuel L. Sekgobela, took from his own personal life encounters and experiences, and knitted a very beautiful narration how the particular encounters and experiences influenced his life, and how he dealt with them in trying to mold his life towards a beautiful one
The author touches on his unappealing childhood life; his experience of depression; how he arrived at the idea of a beautiful life; what he personally believes a beautiful life should look like; how he got lost and stuck along his life's journey; holding on to a bad; being broke and why it is important to work hard to have money; why it is important for one to not have toxic people in their life; how we are the students of our encounters; and being and feeling truly alive
The author believes this book is a beautiful piece. Not to brag but it truly is indeed a beautiful piece of art. When his friend Aphelele Ngewu, who had provided a scrupulous review and helped in sharing her honest ideas about what she believed the author should improve with the book asked him what inspired him to write such a beautiful and inspirational book, the author gave this answer to her: "I believe that I everything happens for a reason. I believe we go through matters in life, not to get worked up, sad or to point fingers but because life is an everyday lesson and everything we encounter along our life's journey is so to help us grow and be able to help others grow from what we had learned from our encounters.
"I was inspired to write this beautiful book, not only to fulfill my dream in becoming the published author I had always dreamt of becoming, but to share a little bit of light upon common matters related to life and how to deal with them. I had written this book to provoke the thought of the reader understand a little bit more some of life matters as discussed in this book "
In reading this book, the reader will find, it very interesting, because the author's style of writing stands out from the rest. The way he shares his story is both entertaining and simple to understand. Please enjoy
A Beautiful life, a dream.

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ISBN: 9780620955560
ISBN-10: 0620955562
Publisher: National Library of South Africa
Publication Date: May 2nd, 2022
Pages: 102
Language: English