The Scientific Case Against Scientific Creationism (Paperback)

The Scientific Case Against Scientific Creationism By Jon P. Alston Cover Image
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Sociologist Jon P. Alston offers a unique and clear analysis of the weaknesses of scientific creationism and intelligent design by identifying what creationists say when they reject evidence for evolution. He also shows how scientific creationists accept non-scientific statements that contradict established scientific knowledge. Acceptance of anti-evolutionary knowledge also demands acceptance of a literal six-day creation and other statements contradicting scientific findings.

Few persons have read so closely the writings of scientific creationists to show how anti-scientific anti-evolutionists become when they criticize the fact of evolution. Creationists are forced to develop "just-so" stories to defend their literal interpretations of Biblical scripture. Alston finds creationists cannot defend their religious beliefs using established scientific methodologies and principles.

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ISBN: 9780595291083
ISBN-10: 0595291082
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: September 10th, 2003
Pages: 188
Language: English