Halo and the Devil's Tail: A Fictionalized Account of Genuine Paranormal Experiences (Paperback)

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If you crave a new twist to literary fiction--beyond the "soul-mate romance" genre--one that not only engages but rewrites history, Halo & the Devil's Tail is the book you've been looking for in this growing paranormal market. I use "adult" generally. Hundreds of students--young adults--having been fed snippets of the story's synopsis, have been clamoring for when and where they can buy the book--though this was not written as a YA novel.

Halo reaches across three hundred years of humanity's conflicts and grounds them in characters who have lived--and live again--in an effort to subvert mankind's self-destruction. This mystical-fantasy epic novel is actually coauthored by its main characters--two very different people who have been thrown into not only a relationship precast over several past lives, but also given the nearly-impossible task of preventing a Satan(S)-driven nuclear attack on New York City in the current time line--set to occur December 21, 2021--in less than three years.

Halo is in the vein of Winter's Tale and The Kingdom of This World--with a dash of The Time Traveler's Wife (emphasis on time slips) and the mathematical genius of The Da Vinci Code. One character, Aaron, is Jewish; the protagonist, Helen, is a somewhat-agnostic poet. Both are psychic on myriad levels. The lines blur between authorship and fiction, its characters, the dream visions experienced and lived. But through time-slips into past lives--and the risk of not returning to the present--both characters are shown that (Y)'s plans for the couple's success hinge on undoing (S)'s work while preserving the past's true history--as intended before human interference. Both Aaron and Helen learn the importance of the historical characters they inhabited in past lives. The plot begs: Does the past indeed disappear? Further, can the Titanic be saved? Hitler's reign cut short? The Sandy Hook massacre prevented? Will changing those pieces of history avert our current destiny? Can the reader, by acting on the book's subliminal message, indeed alter the future?

We have until December 21, 2021 to prevent NYC's nuclear annihilation and a satanic stutter for WWIII to follow a twenty-first century's "Roaring 20s." And this novel holds within it the keys to humanity's (and Y's]) ability, through Aaron and Helen (and their past lives' embodiments) to overcome (S)'s stranglehold. If Aaron and Helen fail, the world won't remember their names, but 12/21/2021 will forever be entrenched in history as "The US's Darkest Day." After all, the novel's full name is Halo & the Devil's Tail: A Fictionalized Account of Genuine Paranormal Experiences.

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ISBN: 9780578564579
ISBN-10: 0578564572
Publisher: Lewis D. Ladd & Trish Lindsey Jaggers
Publication Date: September 11th, 2019
Pages: 420
Language: English