101 Questions about Dinosaurs (Paperback)

101 Questions about Dinosaurs By Philip J. Currie, Eva B. Koppelhus Cover Image
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What is a dinosaur? How big was a baby dinosaur when it was born? Which dinosaur was the smartest? How do we know what color dinosaurs were? What is the biggest dinosaur?
These and scores of other questions are answered clearly and concisely in this readable, fact-filled guide. Early in the book, Canadian paleontologist Philip J. Currie and his Danish colleague Eva B. Koppelhus dismiss the popular notion that all dinosaurs lived at the same time. Actually, various species dominated their environments over a span of some 160 million years.
The authors also provide a wealth of information about where and how the first dinosaur fossils were discovered; the sizes, nesting habits, and eyesight of dinosaurs; how dinosaurs hunted; other animals related to dinosaurs; and many other aspects of this intriguing topic.

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