Elements of Statistical Reasoning (Hardcover)

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This text stresses conceptual development and the logic of statistics for use in the Behavioral Sciences. It is designed for those who need to evaluate statistical findings. Coverage includes estimation procedures, independent samples t-test, Steven's scales of measurements, Pearson correlation coefficient. Updated to include Turkey's HSD test on factorial analysis of variance and Spearman's rho on assumption-free tests and all chapter have been edited to enhance clarity and flow, to simplify numbers in the worked problems, and to align all examples with the behavioral sciences.

About the Author

About the Authors New co-author Theodore Coladarci is Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Maine. He has published extensively, including Elementary Descriptive Statistics, which he co-authored with A.P. Coladarci. Edward W. Minium is Professor of Psychology Emeritus at San Jose State University. He is the author of the very successful text Statistical Reasoning in Psychology and Education. Through his work, Minium has gained a highly respected reputation in the field. Robert B. Clarke is also Professor of Psychology Emeritus at San Jose State University. He co-authored Statistical Reasoning and Procedures with A.P. Coladarci and J. Caffrey.

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ISBN: 9780471192770
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: November 1st, 1998
Pages: 512