Issues and Debates in Cyberpsychology (Paperback)

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This comprehensive and accessibly written book brings together in one place for the first time the wealth of debates within cyberpsychology. Is the distinction between so-called digital natives and digital immigrants meaningful in practice? What is the difference between screen time and screen use, and why has one been pathologized while the other has not? Is social media really bad for wellbeing?

This book considers these issues and more, in depth, with clear, informed resolutions and conclusions no longer being mediated by jargon-filled articles or misrepresentative media headlines.

Key features include:
-Real World Applications boxes, signposting why each debate is pertinent and what the implications may be in practice
-Take Home Messages boxes, helpfully summarising what students need to know and why

Linda K. Kaye is Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Edge Hill University, UK and Chair of the BPS Cyberpsychology section. She is known online as The Cyber Doctor, where she regularly blogs for a broad audience, as well as providing public comment for outlets including The Guardian, Stylist, The Telegraph and The Independent on topics such as internet accessibility and inclusivity, zoom fatigue, and last but not least, what your favourite emoji says about you.

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ISBN: 9780335250776
ISBN-10: 0335250777
Publisher: Open University Press
Publication Date: November 19th, 2021
Pages: 132
Language: English