Radiologic Science for Technologists: Physics, Biology, and Protection (Hardcover)

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Develop the skills you need to produce diagnostic-quality medical images Radiologic Science for Technologists: Physics, Biology, and Protection, 12th Edition provides a solid foundation in the concepts of medical imaging and digital radiography. Featuring hundreds of radiographs and illustrations, this comprehensive text helps you make informed decisions regarding technical factors, image quality, and radiation safety for both patients and providers. New to this edition are all-digital images and the latest radiation protection standards and units of measurement. Written by noted educator Stewart Carlyle Bushong, this text will prepare you for success on the ARRT(R) certification exam and in imaging practice.

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  • Broad coverage of radiologic science topics includes radiologic physics, imaging, radiobiology, and radiation protection, with special topics including mammography, fluoroscopy, spiral computed tomography, and cardiovascular interventional procedures.
  • Objectives, outlines, chapter introductions, and summaries organize information and emphasize the most important concepts in every chapter.
  • Formulas, conversion tables, and abbreviations provide a quick reference for frequently used information, and math equations are always followed by sample problems with direct clinical application.
  • Key terms are bolded and defined at first mention in the text, with each bolded term included in the expanded glossary.
  • Math formulas are highlighted in special shaded boxes for quick reference.
  • Penguin icons in shaded boxes represent important facts or bits of information that must be learned to understand the subject.
  • End-of-chapter questions help students review the material with definition exercises, short-answer questions, and calculations.
  • Student workbook reinforces understanding with worksheets that complement the content covered in the text. Available separately.
NEW Updated content reflects the newest curriculum standards outlined by the ARRT(R) and ASRT. NEW All images are digital, following current radiology practice. NEW Updated radiation protection standards and units of measurement are incorporated throughout the text. NEW Streamlined physics and math sections focus on the essential content to ensure student technologists are prepared to take the ARRT(R) exam and have the background needed to perform well in the clinical environment. NEW Increased alignment of chapter objectives with the ASRT core curriculum helps students focus on need-to-know content in preparation for the Registry exam and for clinical success.

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