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Mind Storm: A Strykers Syndicate Novel (Hardcover)

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"The first in an exciting new sci-fi series ""that's being described as "Blade Runner "meets X-Men "
Two hundred and fifty years after the world was nearly wiped out by nuclear war, what's left of society fights over the scraps of the Earth as the rich and powerful plan to ascend in secret to another planet. But the deadly new breed of humanity that the rulers have enslaved to protect their interests are about to change everything.

K.M. Ruiz's "Mind Storm "is the rip-roaring tale of Threnody Corwin, a "psion" with the ability to channel electricity like lightning through anything she touches. As a solider-slave for the human government, Threnody is recruited by an unknown enemy: the scion of Earth's most powerful (and supposedly human) family, the Serca Syndicate. But Lucas Serca is far from human and he intends to make Threnody and her fellow psions meet their destiny, no matter how many people he has to kill to do it.

"Mind Storm "is the first of two books chronicling the fight for survival by the psions and other "gene-trash" humans, before they're killed by the racist world government, or left to die on a crumbling Earth.


About the Author

K.M. RUIZ lives in California with a cat or two for company and the occasional earthquake. She earned a B.A. in English and a minor in American Indian Studies from San Francisco State University. She likes her movies loud, her music louder, and when not writing, she can be found at her day job or traveling.

Praise For…

*Named One of The Best Science Fiction Release of 2011 by BN.com*

“K.M. Ruiz powerfully explores what happens when rogue humans with mind power set out on a plan to enslave 'normal' humans and control the world after a cataclysmic nuclear war. This is not an X Men comic book. The books are full of action, intrigue and graphic violence. Its adult ESP science fiction with a kick….The buildup is impressive, and there is plenty of action to go around.”

"Mind Storm hurls you three hundred years into a ferociously possible future where the mind has long since escaped the cage of the body and roams free and wild and dangerous. Total, delicious immersion into a world rendered startlingly real by white-hot writing skill." —Whitley Strieber, bestselling author of The Day After Tomorrow

“To term Mind Storm a thriller, even a post-apocalyptic thriller, doesn't fully describe the novel, because it's also a study in psychological deception and self-deception in a devastated future Earth where the greater the power one has, the greater the deception required, making the book both unsettling and a parable for our time.” —L.E. Modesitt Jr., bestselling author of Legacies

"A fast and furious vision of a very dark future...one of the best reads of the year." —Nate Kenyon, award-winning author of Starcraft: Ghost – Spectres and Sparrow Rock

Mind Storm crackles with pent-up energy, fresh ideas, and crisp dialog.  It flies like a bullet!” —William C. Deitz, author of the Legion of the Damned series

“Mutants, martyrs, and mayhem—this book has it all and leaves you craving yet more of this broken and battered world.” —Rob Thurman, author of the Cal Leandros series

"K.M. Ruiz’s Mind Storm not only solidifies the beginning of an exciting new series, but heralds the debut of a notable new voice in the sci-fi genre." —New York Journal of Books

“It’s like X-Men, only more brutal.”— SF SIGNAL, 4.5 STARS (OUT OF 5)

Product Details
ISBN: 9780312673178
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books
Publication Date: May 10th, 2011
Pages: 304