Art and Posthistory: Conversations on the End of Aesthetics (Paperback)

Art and Posthistory: Conversations on the End of Aesthetics By Arthur C. Danto, Demetrio Paparoni, Barry Schwabsky Cover Image
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From the 1990s until just before his death, the legendary art critic and philosopher Arthur C. Danto carried out extended conversations about contemporary art with the prominent Italian critic Demetrio Paparoni. Their discussions ranged widely over a vast range of topics, from American pop art and minimalism to abstraction and appropriationism. Yet they continually returned to the concepts at the core of Danto's thinking-posthistory and the end of aesthetics-provocative notions that to this day shape questions about the meaning and future of contemporary art.

Art and Posthistory presents these rich dialogues and correspondence, testifying to the ongoing importance of Danto's ideas. It offers readers the opportunity to experience the intellectual excitement of Danto in person, speculating in a freewheeling yet erudite style. Danto and Paparoni discuss figures such as Andy Warhol, Marcel Duchamp, Franz Kline, Sean Scully, Clement Greenberg, Cindy Sherman, and Wang Guangyi, offering both insightful comments on individual works and sweeping observations about wider issues. On occasion, the artist Mimmo Paladino and the philosopher Mario Perniola join the conversation, enlivening the discussion and adding their own perspectives.

The book also features an introductory essay by Paparoni that provides lucid analysis of Danto's thinking, emphasizing where the two disagree as well as what they learned from each other.

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ISBN: 9780231204774
ISBN-10: 0231204779
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Publication Date: August 9th, 2022
Pages: 192
Language: English