Mobilizing Hope: Climate Change and Global Poverty (Hardcover)

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The global climate crisis and other pressures on planetary ecology cause profound anxieties for humanity. Climate change threatens to trap hundreds of millions of people in dire poverty-widening the gap in an already deeply divided economy. However, a new generation of activists is offering
inspiration, raising hopes in a seemingly hopeless situation.

In Mobilizing Hope: Climate Change and Global Poverty, Darrel Moellendorf discusses climate change, global poverty, justice, and the importance of political responses, both internationally and domestically, that offer hope. While there are reasons to worry that the era of pervasive human planetary
impact, the Anthropocene, could produce terrible global injustices and massive environmental destruction, that need not be so. Moellendorf contends that the work of bringing about a world united in creating sustainable solutions to environmental crises, that values the Earth's natural wonders, and
actualizes a vision of economic justice, is the work of mobilizing hope.

About the Author

Darrel Moellendorf is Professor of International Political Theory and Professor of Philosophyat Goethe University, Frankfurt and Distinguished Visiting Professor of Philosophy at University of Johannesburg. He is the author of Cosmopolitan Justice, Global Inequality Matters, and The Moral Challenge of Dangerous Climate Change: Values, Poverty, and Policy. He co-edited (with Christopher J.Roederer) Jurisprudence, (with Gillian Brock) Current Debates in Global Justice, (with Thomas Pogge) Global Justice: Seminal Essays and (with Heather Widdows) The Routledge Handbook of Global Ethics.

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ISBN: 9780190875619
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Publication Date: April 18th, 2022
Pages: 256
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