Money Out Loud: All the Financial Stuff No One Taught Us (Paperback)

Money Out Loud: All the Financial Stuff No One Taught Us By Berna Anat, Monique Sterling (Illustrator) Cover Image

Money Out Loud: All the Financial Stuff No One Taught Us (Paperback)

By Berna Anat, Monique Sterling (Illustrator)


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So no one taught you about money, either? Let’s figure this me$$ out together. 

In this illustrated, deeply unserious guide to money, Berna Anat—aka the Financial Hype Woman—freaks out her immigrant parents by doing the unthinkable: Talking about money. Loudly. 

Because we’re done staying silent, anxious, and ashamed about our money. It's time to join the party and finally learn about all the financial stuff that always felt too confusing. Stuff like: 

  • How to actually budget, save, and invest (but also make it fun) 
  • How our traumas shape our most toxic money habits, and how to create new patterns
  • How to build wealth in a system designed to keep us broke 
  • How to use money to fund our biggest dreams—and change the world

No more keeping our money on mute. It’s time to grab the mic.

Berna Anat is an award-winning producer, speaker, podcast host, rich auntie in training, and Financial Hype Woman—which is her made-up way of saying she creates financial education media all over the Internet. A proud Filipina-American daughter of immigrants, born and raised in the Bay Area, she taught herself how to pay off over $50,000 of debt and did what any Millennial would do: Yell about it on the internet. Berna’s work has been featured on platforms such as Forbes, The New York Times, and Buzzfeed. Berna was named The Plutus Awards’ Most Entertaining Financial Creator two years in a row, and was named one of ABS-CBN's Global Pinoy Idols. You can find Berna online at @heyberna on all platforms, at, or curled up with her nieces, watching The Office.  

Product Details ISBN: 9780063067363
ISBN-10: 0063067366
Publisher: Quill Tree Books
Publication Date: April 25th, 2023
Pages: 272
Language: English

"Money Out Loud belongs in every classroom, every new grad gift list, and in my opinion, every bookshelf no matter your age. Berna has a way of breaking down financial concepts that speaks to the inner kid and grown-up in all of us. You'll definitely want to buy two copies: One for someone you want to inspire, and one for yourself, so you can start (or restart) your financial journey together." — Tiffany Aliche, New York Times bestselling author of Get Good With Money

"Berna Anat has captured the humanity of personal finance, proving that money doesn't have to be a heartless and dusty affair. This book will speak to a new generation of wealth builders, including those who belong to communities of color that have long been ignored by the financial industry." — Delyanne Barros, host of CNN’s Diversifying

"Berna Anat is everybody's fun, money savvy auntie, helping you shake your imposter syndrome and hype yourself up. A true supporter of women and BIPOC, she blends sass with savings, and charisma with career, to help make money fun again." — Vivian Tu, Founder and CEO of Your Rich BFF

"Money Out Loud has an answer to every question a beginner has wondered about money, and how to use it to make a better life and world.” — Nayda Okamoto, cofounder of August and author of Period Power

"An empowering guide to financial literacy that goes beyond budgeting to exploring the unspoken stories about money: shame, trauma, inequities, and more. With compassion and ample humor, Anat offers a pathway to rewrite our money stories and ultimately heal our relationship to money." — Michelle MiJung Kim, award-winning author of The Wake Up: Closing the Gap Between Good Intentions and Real Change.

"A reassuring guide to financial literacy, including reducing anxiety, getting out of debt, saving, and perhaps even changing the world. An outstanding personal finance book that reads like a fun conversation with a smart friend." — Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"In addition to covering the basics (financial habits, aka “Your Money Story," budgeting, bank accounts, savings, debt, credit, student loans, investing, and financial activism), [Anat] explores topics not often mentioned in other finance books, such as the financial impact of systemic inequity that exists for Black and brown folks, advice for the undocumented, mutual aid funds, land tax, and socially responsible investing. A refreshing, honest, useful tell-it-like-it-is financial guide." — Booklist (starred review)