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Patrick Ness Fundraising for Refugee Aid

If you haven't heard already, YA author Patrick Ness reached out to his readers and writing community on twitter yesterday to raise money for the refugees flooding into Europe. Ness tweeted that he would match up to £10,000. Within hours, big name authors like John Green, Jojo Moyes, Rosamund Lupton and many others promised to match the following £10K. With the help of the writing community and the support of countless every-day people, Ness's outreach has raised  almost £200K and is still growing. For us Americans, that's 303,804 dollars. That's amazingly crazy! Follow the action on twitter. If you'd like to donate to the cause, here's the link to Ness's fundraising page on Virgin Money Giving.


Books Inc. is very excited and honored to be hosting Patrick Ness October 8, 2015.

Star Wars, Star Wars Everywhere

With the new Star Wars movie just around the corner, the book industry is jumping on the bandwagon! Have a few minutes to spare? Check out the William Shakespeake Star Wars generator.

Also, grab the newest book in the William Shakespeare's Star Wars series, William Shakespeare's Tragedy of the Sith's Revenge: Star Wars Part the Third in stores Sept. 8th! May the Force be with you!

Is it Lunch Time Yet?

Based on the William Shakespeare Star Wars series by Ian Doescher

When Boba Fett with me doth disagree,
I think of all the virtues in thee met.
Thy spirit true doth know mine ev’ry plea,
Thy kindness doth my troubl’d mind offset.
Naboo’s shade shall our fervor softly screen,
In that fond paradise we shall know rest.
We are join’d fast, no one may come between,
I cherish thy devotion, well express’d.
Love shines throughout the stars with mighty ray,
Love is the new-grown fruit sprung from the heart,
Love makes one’s aspect merry all the day,
Love needs a learner’s fire with Master’s art.
Although my foes hath made my Fate unclear,
The Force is strong when lovers are sincere.

Visit ShakespeareStarWars.com to Create Your Own Sonnet


Author Kathryn Otoshi Loves...


Beautiful Oops! by Barney Saltzberg

Hooray for Beautiful Oops!

It’s FABULOUS to make mistakes!

What? But we’re not supposed to make them, let alone embrace them, right?

This sunny yellow, liberating book says, “Why not”? And reminds us all to take a deep breath and chill – after all, that grape juice spill on a class drawing is not the end of the world. In fact, that purple, sticky splotch can become a laughing pig holding a crayon. Or when your dog, Buster, walks over your drawing and makes a big rrrippp with his muddy paws – wait! That tear can be the happy grin of a monster eating …chocolate cake!                                                                                                        

I guess when my cockatiel, Buttercup, flies over on my desk and pecks holes in my manuscript again, I’ll need to count it as a blessing in disguise. Heck, that plot needed to be revisited anyway!

Life is too short to get stuck in the quagmires of negativity or blame. Every day we feel the pressure to be perfect. But so much about life is about our mistakes and how we decide to overcome them. This book is a celebration about being human– and using our creativity, humor, and our choice in any given situation to zero in on the positive. So the next time when something potentially ‘disastrous’ happens, think of it as this amazing creative opportunity to turn whatever ‘it’ is into something crazy, unique and imaginatively beautiful.

Kathryn is the award-winning author of the character-building series, Zero, One and Two and the co-author and illustrator of upcoming September release, Beautiful Hands.



The Bosnian Drop

I learned more about the conflict in Bosnia from one of the stories in Jesse Eisenberg’s deliriously funny collection, Bream Gives Me Hiccups, than from twenty years of news reports.  I’ll ascribe this more to Eisenberg’s talents as a writer than to my own lack of erudition (I hope), and to toast those talents, I’m releasing The Bosnian Drop.  Please be more careful than I was when you drop your shot.


The Bosnian Drop
1 glass Karlovaċko Croatian Beer
1 shot Baileys Irish Cream

  Float a small amount of Slivovitz on a shot of Baileys.  Drop into a pint glass of beer.  Drink immediately.