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Highly Anticipated: DIY, Dammit!!


Hey, all you crafters! Joselyn Hughes, star and creator of the wildly popular DIY, Dammit! Youtube channel is coming out with her first DIY book, November 3rd! You will laugh, curse, and possibly hot-glue gun your finger to a cardboard box, but that's what this book is all about! Take a page from Joselyn's book (pun intended) and embrace your DIY, Dammit!

Check it out and preorder it today at your local Books Inc.!

Creative Education's Cookbook Series for Kids

Have a kid who loves to cook or one interested in exploring other cultures?

Creative Education and Sara Gilbert have released a series of cookbooks for kids! Created for ages six and up, this new series dishes out an elementary overview of world cuisines and their connections to geography and culture. While bold photos showcase the dishes of various regions, accessible text highlights common ingredients and cooking tools. Each title includes three kid-friendly recipes for young chefs to make, encouraging sequential learning and hands-on immersion. Check out the titles below!



Book to Movie Adaptions!

It looks like 2015 and 2016 are big years for movie adaptions! We've already seen remakes for Cinderella and Home (originally titled The True Meaning of Smek Day), and  Me, Earle, and the Dying Girl. Of course there's also the highly anticipated follow up movies to the Hunger Games, Divergent, and Maze Runner serieses.


Here are a couple more to add to the list.


Goosebumps: It's not necessarily a movie based off one of the books, but ALL the books. Could be a fun to see to get into the Halloween spirit!


The Jungle Book: This isn't the Disney musical you're used to, no songs here. Take a look at the teaser for  this star-studded, live-action version:

There are countless film adaptions coming out for adults and kids, so keep an eye out for them, and of course, check out the books too!

TeenQuake 2015

“Poetry often gets a bad rap. Boring, archaic, irrelevant. These three writers—from newbie to icon of the form—will set the record straight. Verse novels are intimate, hard-hitting, and transformative. Come for a reading, stay for a conversation about craft and book signing.” Learn more about Teenquake and Litquake here. Books Inc. and Not Your Mother’s Book Club are honored to co-present such an exciting event/program!

NYMBC In a Flash event featuring Nicola Yoon and David Levithan

Shout out to @ravenousreader for taking this great photo of Nicola Yoon and David Levithan. Friday night's event was Everything, Everything we could have wanted. The author's clicked, had wonderful and insightful questions for each other and the ‪#‎nymbc‬ crowd was just as curious. Thank you to Nicola and David for coming all the way from NYC and L.A., we hope to have you back Another Day, and thank you for all the booklovers who came out to support! We couldn't do it without you! ‪#‎seewhatididthere‬ ‪#‎literaryhumoristhebesthumor‬