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Underworld Playlists

Our contest winners were each treated to a one-of-a-kind playlist! Below are the full playlists so that you can recreate them yourself. Playlist #1: Wang Dang Doodle-Koko Taylor, Caring is Creepy- The Shins, Rebel Rebel--David Bowie, Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old-- Broken Social Scene, Heartbeats-- Jose Gonzalez, You Know I'm No Good-- Amy Winehouse, Visions of Johanna-- Bob Dylan, Oh My God-- Ida Maria, Land of 1000 Dances-- Wilson Pickett, Young Blood-- The Naked and Famous, The Funeral-- Band of Horses, There is a Light That Never Goes-- The Smiths, Mannish Boy-- Muddy Waters, Howl--Florence + The Machine, Bizarre Love Triangle-- New Order, Brick-- Ben Folds Five Playlist #2: Black Sheep-- Metric (from the amazing Scott Pilgrim soundtrack) Bold as Love-- Jimi Hendrix, Love Will Tear Us Apart-- Joy Division, Stiff Kittens-- Blaqk Audio, Girls & Boys--Blur, Delayed Devotion-- Duffy, Blow it Up-- The Vaccines, No Cars Go-- The Arcade Fire, Sweet Soul Music, Arthur Conley, Everyday is Like Sunday-- Morrissey, Strangelove-- Depeche Mode, Hearts on Fire-- Cut Copy, By Your Side-- Beachwood Sparks, The Harder They Come-- Jimmy Cliff, Black and Blue-- Miike Snow, Set Fire to the Rain-- Adele Playlist #3: Daniel-- Willie Proctor & Geargia Sea Island Singers, On Your Own-- James Yuill, Under My Thumb-- The Rolling Stones, Death-- White Lies, Geraldine-- Glasvegas, Sentimental Heart-- She & Him, Pumped up Kicks-- Foster The People, L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.-- Noah & the Whale, Ring of Fire-- Johnny Cash, You Take My Breath Away-- The Knife, Heartbeat-- Blighters, Armageddon Time-- The Clash, The Ring-- Jamie Lidell, Mystic Eyes-- Them, The Game Has Changed-- Daft Punk, Road To Joy-- Bright Eyes.



Thank you to Adrienne Ducomb for her excellent musical taste, and extensive musical library.




Underworld MADNESS!

Thank you to everyone who came to the Underworld Ball last night, featuring Holly Black, Cassandra Clare and special surprise guests Malinda Lo and Ted Naifeh! Yesterday morning, we'd sold about 60 some tickets. Ok, we thought, that's pretty good, right? That night we had around 120 (!!!!) guests! After a verrrry satisfying reading, we introduced Ted as our surprise guest, then commenced the Q & A. After that, we had a costume contest for our guests in "full regalia" and we were not left disappointed! The winners received Books Inc. gift certificates, and special underworld playlists. Our Twitter contest winner won a signed copy of Malinda Lo's Huntress, which was then personalized, as we were lucky enough to have Malinda as a guest! Then, we started the CRAZINESS that was the signing line.... which lasted for more than an hour. The ladies + Ted signed away, and after the stacks and stacks receded, we bid them THANK YOU and GOODNIGHT. For all our lovely guests, thank you for coming and for coming dressed like rockstars. As per usual, our fans are the best fans, and last night, you looked AWESOME.

Room to Read fundraiser SUCCESS!

Thank you, to all our Books Inc. Chestnut Street customers!!! This Saturday you helped us raise over $800 for the fantastic non profit, Room To Read! That's enough money to send two deserving girls to school for a whole year (with all the uniforms and books they'll need) and to fund 300 local language books! We had a special storytime, where we read Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem, Argus, Bear in Underwear and Room To Read's very own book (though not available through Books Inc) Zak the Yak, about a steadfast yak and his two friends who want to bring books to ANY kid in need. We even had a (momentary) special storytime listener, Giants pitcher Brian Wilson, who even did his part by purchasing a couple books at the event! Here at Books Inc. we're so thankful for all the artists, authors and customers who make such a crazy diversity of books, and give us the ability to supply them; working with Room To Read was a wonderful way to give back to the world that which we love most: books! 

 Missed the event? Don't worry, you can donate to Room to Read here.

We'll Ask The Questions Here: First EVER Author Interview!

As you know, we LOVE Renata Liwska, our featured author/illustrator this month. But we also LOVE her partner in the LOUD and Quiet Books, Deborah Underwood! Deborah is a San Francisco author, who was kind enough to participate in our FIRST EVER Books Inc. Kids author interview! We asked the tough, topical questions of the day, as you will see below.

Books Inc Kids: Overall, were you a LOUD kid, or a Quiet kid?

Deborah Underwood:  I was a quiet kid most of the time. On the first day at my very loud preschool, I walked in, heard all the screaming, and promptly hid under a table. After I spent three hours under the table crying, we all decided preschool was not the best plan. I'm still pretty introverted, but I don't hide under tables these days. Usually.

BIK: As a kid, what was something you wished grownups would understand?

DU: I remember one thing in particular that drove me nuts. I'd invented a getting-dressed machine: I would pull one string, and my dress would come sliding down a rope to my bed; I'd pull two others and my drawer would open and my socks and underwear would fly over to me. The point was to allow me to get dressed without having to leave my bed, which seemed very important at the time. My bedroom, as you can imagine, looked like a spiderweb, and each week the elderly couple who cleaned for us would take all the strings down. I remember being so annoyed-- couldn't they see these were intentional strings?  And why couldn't my parents just tell them to leave the strings alone? (Probable because they felt making an elderly couple negotiate a maze of strings wouldn't be very polite. Hmph.)

BIK: As a grownup, what is something you wish you could tell all kids?

DU: I would tell them to do what they love to do and not to worry about fitting in. The people who were different as kids make the most interesting adults.

 BIK: Tell us about a time when you were loud when you should have been quiet, or vice-versa!

DU: When I was two-- TWO!-- I was a flower girl in my uncle's wedding. My parents apparently expressed concern about this plan, but were overruled. I was promised a lollipop (we called them suckers) after the service was over. Well, naturally, I considered the service to be over as soon as I had discharged my duty. So after I deposited the basket of flowers on the correct step, I turned around and ran up the aisle yelling, "I want my sucker! I want my sucker!" The moral of this story: don't choose a two-year-old as your flower girl.

BIK: If you were an animal, you would be a...

DU: My cat Bella seems to have it pretty good, so I'll go with cat. Or maybe one of those great blue herons in Golden Gate Park.

Want to meet Deborah! Come out to Oh My Gosh, Stories! Storytime at Books Inc. Chestnut Street, Saturday, June 18th at 11am!




FINALLY! Presenting, Eona

The first book in the Dragoneye Sage, EON: DRAGONEYE REBORN was thrilling. And after the long wait, EONA: THE LAST DRAGONEYE is finally here! Fittingly climactic, and steamy to boot, this heart-thumping finale's got more action than Katniss in an arena that's on fire with evil orangutans coming at her... or at least, comparable action. Anyway, it's rad, and as Eona struggles to accept her new role in an oncoming war, she must also decide for herself between love and power. READ IT.