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2017 Recommendation: We Are Okay by Nina LaCour

In just two weeks it will be 2017!  I'm sure some of you are already planning your TBR pile for the new year or getting geared up for a reading challenge. Well, let me recommend a book to add to your list. 

We Are Okay by Nina LaCour. 

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Nina LaCour is a local author and we hosted her earlier this year with David Levithan for their book, You Know Me Well. We Are Okay is a stand alone, contemporary about grief, depression, family, and friendship.  It can easily be read in one sitting. From the very beginning I knew it was a heart breaker. I also had a few, what I like to call, "Gasp Moments": *Gasp* MY name is Hannah!" *Gasp* I live with my grandpa too!" But that's about where the connections between fiction and reality ended for me. Thankfully. 

I was able to dive into the story right away. LaCour sets up the story so you know, instantly (no spoilers here) that Marin's grandfather, whom she lived with, has died and it turned her world upside down in more ways than obvious, and now she has runaway to college in New York City and getting ready to spend a drepressing month alone in her dormroom. Excpet, her old best friend Mabel is coming for three days to catch up. 

What follows next is three days of revelations and healing between the two girls and, most importantly, within Marin's heart. 

As I said in an NYMBC Instagram post about this book: "Nina LaCour ripped my heart out and put it back together again in less than 250 pages. We Are Okay is a beautiful story of healing, friendship, and family. Just have a few tissues near by." 

I would recommend this book to the 14+/ mature teens due to difficult topics and slight sexual content. Oh! And Marin happens to be LGBT. It's a big part of the story, because that's who she is, but it's not the plot. 

I definitenly enjoyed We Are Okay and I hope if you pick it up, you do too. It'll be available in stores February 14th. 

-Hannah, NYMBC Coordinator


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Interview with Sharon Cameron, author of The Forgetting!

Despite being on a whirlwind release tour, author Sharon Cameron was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about her newest novel, The Forgetting


The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron

The first page, the first letter, absolutely sucked me in, instantly. Did you know from the get-go that it was going to be the start of everything, or did you have to rearrange in the editing process?

I’m so glad you liked it! And yes, that was pretty much the first page from the very first draft, with revisions and tweaks, of course. Since this was a story that would be so much about books, and what was written in those books, explaining the concept of the Forgetting from the perspective of a book seemed like a natural choice. And throughout the novel it was a really fun way to give readers another sneak peek into the character’s head.


What was your inspiration for The Forgetting?

One of my favorite things about being a writer is the research. I love finding hidden histories, people lost to time, places that have been forgotten. But in all these avenues of research, what has always struck me is just how much of history has been lost, all because it dropped away from someone’s memory. And that raised the question, what would happen if we lost it all? All our history? All of our memories? Would I be the same person without my experiences to shape me, or would I be someone else completely different? The answers to those questions became the idea for THE FORGETTING.


In the city of Canaan, everyone has their own, marketable skill, like glass-blowing. Did you do any fun/interesting research while writing The Forgetting?

I did! Particularly with the glass-blowing. I absolutely love watching the process. The glass is so beautiful, lit from within, and then air transforms it into something else, without ever being touched by a hand. It’s gorgeous magic. I also did hours of research on whether a key could be made of melted glass. Turns out it can. With the right glass. In the right conditions. Good thing I’m the author and can create the right conditions!


Who was your favorite character to write? Was there one that was hard to pin down, with their voice or the backstory?

My favorite characters to write in The Forgetting were probably Genivee and Gray. Genivee, because she was young and precocious and little bit snarky. Gray because he was full of hidden depths, and a little bit snarky. Evidently, I like snark! Nadia was definitely the hardest to write. I loved her as a character, but because her trauma made her avoid interacting with others, she was the hardest to show. She took several drafts to get right!


Coffee or tea?



Are you a “pantser' or a “plotter?

Pantser! I plot and plot, then change it all up and pants it. Really, it’s the only way. 


Author Sharon Cameron


Sharon Cameron is the author of The Dark Unwinding series, Rook, and The Forgetting. She has had many "former lives" where she was a classical piano teacher, full-time mom, part-time genealogist, chair of a non-profit for a local theater group, and a coordinator of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Midsouth Conference. She is "obsessed with" Scotland, her Longbow, really big trees, BBC costume dramas, and "finding things that have been hidden, on purpose, or other wise." Read more about Sharon Cameron and her books here. The Forgetting is available in stores now!





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