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Mezzrole Cocktail

June arrives with a bounty of books.  Emma Cline’s The Girls is a heady and scary debut where a young Evie Boyd succumbs to the charisma of a Charles Manson-like figure in Northern California. June also sees the release of Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics by the cocktail whisperer himself, Warren Bobrow.  Mr. Bobrow was kind enough to lend us his Mezzrole Cocktail that we tinkered with just enough to make it Evie’s own.




The Mezzrole Cocktail (aka Evie's Joint)
4-6 Greenish Cocktail Cherries (please see page 45 of Cannabis Cocktails)
.5 oz Cherry Pie cannabis infused vermouth, such as Uncouth Vermouth’s Seasonal Wildflower Blend (also see Cannabis Cocktails on how to infuse your vermouth)
Handful of crushed ice
1 oz scotch.  Something a little bit smoky like Oban's 14 Year Old
Aromatic bitters

Muddle the Cocktail Cherries, then top with the vermouth. Continue to muddle for 30 seconds. Cover with the crushed ice. Top with the scotch, then dot with the bitters.  Enjoy! (But - never make this cocktail if marijuana is illegal where you live.)


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