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Carrie Starr

Leave it to Jay McInerney’s Bright, Precious Days, to breathe wonderful life back into the grand, New York novel.  One scene takes place in a secret restaurant where shirako is on the menu (go on, Google it).  They drink a Rudyard Kipling; an East meets West combination of ingredients (mischievously named for the writer who wrote that East and West would never meet).  I modified the recipe, replacing the bourbon with gin, and renamed it for the author’s wife.

Carrie Starr
2 oz. gin
.5 oz Umeshu
2 dashes blood orange bitters
Ume (Asian Plum) peel for garnish
Stir the gin and Umeshu with ice.  Strain into a cocktail glass.  Dash with the bitters. 
Garnish with the ume peel.

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