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The Bride Stripped Bare

september 2017 cocktailAugustus Rose dazzles in his debut, The Readymade Thief, and we try to dazzle him right back by offering his drink in a shot glass created in the 1930’s - not long after Marcel Duchamp finished one of his most famous works, the original Bride Stripped Bare.  Mr. Rose takes Duchamp and art history, adds secret societies, proper thieving techniques, and a wonderfully realized character (17-year-old Lee Cuddy) and ties them into a gloriously intricate knot. 

The Bride Stripped Bare

5 oz white whiskey
2.5 oz rum
1 oz Cointreau
8 dashes chocolate bitters
Crushed ice

Combine all and stir with ice.  
Pour over crushed ice in 6 shot glasses. 

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