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Kid's Book New Releases

Know Your Bookseller! Reviews by (Illy)Anna at Chestnut St


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Mitchell’s License by Hallie Durand; illustrated by Tony Fucile

(Ages 2-6)

Durand has written a sweet and funny story about a boy who hates going to bed until her gets his license to drive his very cute dad. Fucile’s simple yet wonderfully expressive illustrations elevate the story into the realm of a favorite!

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Bink and Gollie by Alison McGhee & Kate DiCamillo; illustrated by Tony Fucile

(Ages 4-8, great early reader)

My favorite book of 2010! A perfect blend of amazing writing and genius illustrations, Bink and GollieBink and Gollie is truly incomparable. is the sweet, funny, and smart story of two best friends, their socks, pancakes, and a fish. Brilliant in every particular and utterly unique,


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Click here to read more about Tony Fucile who attended Chestnut St’s Storytime in June


Dinosaur vs. the Potty by Bob Shea

It’s the ultimate battle of wills in Dinosaur vs. the Potty! Shea has a fun, simple style and a sense of humor that is great for both kids and adults. Plus, who doesn’t love to roar during storytime?


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Shadow Spinner by Susan Fletcher

(Ages 10-14)

Fletcher’s wonderful writing will transport you into another world in this retelling of the story of Shahrazad. Although chock-full of strong women, political intrigue, and palace spies, at its core Shadow Spinner is about the power of stories to transform a person’s heart and mind.


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Big Rabbit Gets Bilingual!

We love the book Big Rabbit's Bad Mood. It's one of the best stand-by storytime books on the market right now. Simple enough for the younger set to follow, with a sense of humor that appeals to older kids, as well. So we were tickled pink when Chronicle Books editor Melissa Manlove came out to read Big Rabbit's Mood in English for our Books Inc.+Chronicle Books fundraiser for Room to Read last Thursday. But when her mother came out to read the same book... IN FRENCH we nearly lost our minds from excitement! Below are two videos: one in English, one in French.

Wild Girls Book Club Hosted by Laurel Village

Upcoming Meetings:
A discussion and workshop with Kathy Shepler on Sunday, June 12 at 1pm upstairs at Books Inc. Laurel Village. We'll be making hand-made booklets and get to here lots of intimate details of what it's like to be on the Newbery Committee.
A creative writing workshop with author Hilary Homzie on Sunday, July 17 at 1pm.
This workshop will foster creativity and self-expression in a supportive environment. Author and master teacher Hilary Homzie will help young writers to discover and develop their unique voice.