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Perfect for the Holidays: Signed Ada Lace Books + Swag!

Emily Calandrelli

aka @TheSpaceGirl

"Emily is an Emmy-nominated science TV host. She's featured as a correspondent on Bill Nye Saves the World and a producer and the host of FOX's Xploration Outer Space. She is also a guest science writer and host for Discovery News and covers the space industry as a writer for TechCrunch."

Ada Lace is the perfect series for growing scientists. 

 Ada Lace Adventure series is available in stores now, including the newest in the series Ada Lace and the Impossible Mission.

Books Inc. is happy to announce that not only do we have Ada Lace on our shelves, but we have


*To order your signed copies, just click on the edition you want, then write "SIGNED COPY PLEASE" in the comments.*

***If you'd like it personalized for the mini-scientist in your life, just include the name in the comments as well! We'll ship them out as soon as Emily signs them. ***

Orders placed by January 1, 2019 will include special surprise swag!
Book orders with swag will ship out mid-November and begin to arrive the week of Thanksgiving.

Happy Reading! We hope you enjoy your adventure with Ada Lace!

Ada Lace and the Impossible Mission

Due to astronomical popular demand, the Ada Lace Adventures Collection has SOLD OUT. 

Ada Lace and the Impossible Mission

"Ada Lace has a new social studies teacher—who loves group projects. While most of the class has constructed regular dioramas with clay and construction paper, Ada, her best friend Nina, and sometimes nemesis Milton have built a complex scale model of an historic silver mine. But when Milton reveals that he added his “old Milton touch” on their project right before turning it in, Ada worries that he has sabotaged their work.

In a desperate attempt to save their project, Ada and Nina use their combined creative and technical prowess to perform a heist and break into their teacher’s supply closet after school.

Do the two friends have what it takes to deceive the school’s security system? Or will they get caught trying to pull off this seemingly impossible mission."

Orders placed before January 1 will include a Signed Picture + other small goodies and will ship out the week of November 20.

Paperback Edition

Hardback Edition

"Third grader and inventor extraordinaire Ada Lace likes nothing more than to tinker with mechanics like her robot, George. Her latest project is to fix up a ham radio, something that she could use to contact people on this planet...and beyond. The only problem is that she just can't get it to work properly.

During a sleepover, Ada's best friend Nina hears something strange coming from the radio in the middle of the night. A distant voice says, "Release the swarm " convincing Nina that aliens are about to invade planet Earth.

Could Ada and Nina have stumbled upon something...extraterrestrial?"

Orders placed before January 1 will include a Signed Picture + other small goodies and will ship out the week of November 20.

Paperback Edition

Hardcover Edition

Ada Lace on the Case by Emily Calandrelli

"Ada Lace--third-grade scientist and inventor extraordinaire--has discovered something awful: her neighbor's beloved Yorkie has been dognapped!

With the assistance of a quirky neighbor named Nina (who is convinced an alien took the doggie) and her ever-growing collection of gadgets, Ada sets out to find the wrongdoer. As their investigation becomes more and more mysterious, Ada and Nina grow closer, proving that opposites do, in fact, attract."

Orders placed before January 1 will include a Signed Picture + other small goodies and will ship out the week of November 20.

Paperback Edition

Hardcover Edition 

Ada Lace Sees Red by Emily Calandrelli

"Ada Lace is building a new robot She's determined to beat Milton in the upcoming robotics competition. But she's distracted--Ada finds her dad's art class impossible, while Nina is the star of the class, basking in the glory of being Mr. Lace's star pupil.

When Mr. Lace suggests that Nina put on an art show, Ada becomes jealous and loses her temper. Now Ada isn't speaking to her dad, she's falling behind in art class, and she still doesn't know how to fix her robot. As the competition looms closer, Ada starts to wonder if there might be a way to use both science and art to solve her problems.

Will Ada make up with her father in time to test her hypothesis? Or will her hurt feelings leave her seeing red and without a medal at the end of the day?"

Orders placed before January 1 will include a Signed Picture + other small goodies and will ship out the week of November 20.

Paperback Edition


Ada Lace and the Suspicious Artist by Emily Calandrelli

Coming February 12, 2019!

Third grader and inventor extraordinaire Ada Lace is on spring break. But it's just a little less relaxing than she'd imagined. Nina is beside herself with excitement about meeting her favorite artist and enlists Ada and Mr. Peebles's coding-whiz nephew to help revamp her online portfolio.

When Nina finally meets Miroir, he snubs her, and her confidence is shaken--but not enough to miss the art show opening. While there, Ada spots a suspiciously familiar painting that may mean Miroir isn't the original he claims to be.

Will the friends be able to reveal the artist's true nature, before he fools someone else?

Paperback Edition


Signed copies are only available while supplies last so don't wait! 



Publisher's Rep Kevin Loves...

Dear Readers,
One of the first questions people ask me when they learn I’m a Children’s Book Buyer is do you really read all of the books you buy? Sadly the answer is NO. It’s impossible but I’m excited to introduce you to a group of people who give me a first look at everything being published each season, our publisher sales reps! I rely on them to help me discover debut gems, identify new trends and tell me what I should put on top of my never ending need to read pile. Each month a publisher rep will share one of their personal favorites with us. Happy Reading!
Books Inc. Co-Owner &
Senior Children’s Buyer

Readers, meet Kevin!

Atlas Obscura Explorer's Guide for the World's Most Adventurous Kid by Dylan Thuras


When I was a kid, one of the ways my mom would encourage me to read was by telling me that, through a book, I could travel anywhere in the world at any time, without ever leaving home. Books then became portals to other worlds and places. Few books capture this feeling for me as much as The Atlas Obscura Explorer’s Guide for The World’s Most Adventurous Kid (Workman Publishing), written by Atlas Obscura co-founder Dylan Thuras (and co-author of the bestselling book Atlas Obscura) and science writer and graphic novelist Rosemary Mosco, and illustrated by Joy Ang (who just so happens to also be a character designer for Adventure Time). Readers are taken on a remarkable cross-continent journey around the world to 47 countries and 100 of the strangest and most amazing places ever visited by humans. Explore the Giant Crystals of Naica, found in a recently-discovered cave complex in Mexico, which are seven time taller than a person and are heavier than an elephant, then go to the next page to learn of the world’s largest cave complex, the Han Son Doong cave in Vietnam, which is so big, you could fly a 747 jet airliner through it! From a spacecraft cemetery off the coast of New Zealand, to a lake of skeletons in India (where a freak hailstorm killed 200 people 1200 years ago), to Blood Falls in Antarctica (where a melting glacier is colored by iron to turn the water red), to an island of snakes in Brazil, readers are treated to one extraordinary adventure after another. For every kid who dreams of travel and adventure, and for every adult who feels the same, many wonders await in this fantastic book. (Available now.)

Publisher's Rep Kelly

About Kevin:I have worked in the book business in Northern California for over 30 years, in many guises, including over a decade as a bookseller (at Books Inc., in fact), as a distributor book buyer, as a media guide for authors, and as a publisher sales rep, both for a big house (Macmillan) and now as an independent sales rep with Book Travelers West, representing Workman Publishing, among others. I enjoy reading (of course), music of all sorts, culinary wonders, travel, great beaches, and spending time with my lovely wife. I am also an enthusiastic practitioner of both Yoga and Budo (Japanese martial arts).