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For the Little Fans of The Avengers!

The world has been gripped by Avenger's Fever! The final installment of the Avengers' story arc, Avengers Endgame, hits theaters today, Friday April 26th! If you have little ones that love The Avengers then Random House and The Little Golden Books have you covered:

The Mighty Avengers The Might Avengers: Lights Out!
The Big Freeze by Billy Wrecks Marvel Avengers: The Threat of Thanos
Avengers Adventures 3 Books in 1! Marvel Spiderman: Night of the Vulture!
Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket to the Rescue! Marvel Thor: Thunder Strike!
The Amazing Spider Man:Trapped by the Green Goblin! Marvel Black Panther: Warriors of Wakanda

And this is just a small sample! Stop by your local Books Inc. to see what they have available for you and your little Avenger!